• Out of the office
    From: Oliver, Victoria | To: Reception | Sent: 06/07/05 15:45 | Subject: [Auto-response] Re: Bristol | I will be out of the office until Friday 8th July. If your enquiry is urgent please phone me on
  • A Good Job in Flower Observation
    ‘But, Overseer, in our Perfect New World, everyone is supposed to have a job. This is what we are taught, and our teachers were adamant there would be no exceptions.’
  • Thump, Rattle
    Julie hears a sound she cannot name. Not yet. Naming a sound gives it meaning, and so far this sound has none.
  • Chess Isn’t Real
    I met my friend on the way into class. Are you finally going to join me at chess club tonight? he asked. I said I might, and he said I should. But I can’t play.
  • Turn Right
    I’m waiting for a gap. A silver Picanto goes past, a red Shogun, a navy Golf changing lanes, a silver Prius, a black 9-3, another silver Prius, a blue V90, and a white Transit. Still no gap.
  • Dear H
    How can you have left us like this? That is the question that keeps going round and round my nucleus. I simply don’t understand.
  • Dinosaurs
    A spaceship carrying two intelligent beings of distant origin powered down its engine as it entered orbit around the planet Earth.
  • Four and a half seconds
    I look around the pub while Dan is gone. It’s busy, but not full. I’m sat on the long, red leather couch that runs along the side wall. I like it here.
  • We Crept Inside
    When we got back to our house, mom and I crept inside as if we were scared of being heard.
  • The Crayfish Seller
    A woman walks past my stall every afternoon in this spot at 4:15. Never 4:10 and never 4:20.