What the BBC Got Wrong on Syria Last Week

logoI appeared on the BBC’s Newswatch programme on 4 December 2015, criticising the BBC for its coverage of the debate on British military involvement in Syria. Read a summary of my argument, as set out on The Huffington Post.


The BBC has faced criticism for the way its news programmes covered the run-up to the House of Commons debate last Wednesday night, which led to a vote in favour of the UK joining the bombing campaign against Isis positions in Syria. This weekend’s edition of Newswatch, on which I was interviewed, aired complaints from a number of viewers. Disappointingly, no-one from BBC News was available to appear to answer us directly.

The main charge against the BBC is that its coverage focused primarily on party political splits, rather than the issue itself. There was little explanation of the government’s proposals, or analysis of the arguments for and against bombing.

Read the full article on The Huffington Post here.

Featured image: Christiaan Triebert