Government should look to NHS for ways to improve general election 2015


My article for Guardian Healthcare (11 February 2015), considering the electoral innovations used in NHS Foundation Trust elections. I argued the NHS could be a good source of evidence on votes at 16, online voting and the single transferable vote.

NHS Petition Hand-in: Nick Clegg

A huge number of ideas have been put forward for changing the way elections are run. In November, for instance, MPs on the House of Commons political and constitutional reform committee set out proposals aimed at increasing participation, including lowering the voting age, allowing people to vote online, and making voting compulsory.

Significant changes such as these are unlikely before the next general election in May. But another low turnout – 85% of voters participated at the 1950 general election, compared with 65% in 2010 – could further undermine the perceived legitimacy of the political system and give the government a strong incentive for reform.

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