Podcast: politics, democracy, fact, and fiction

logoI co-presented a new podcast from Democratic Audit (June 2014) about political fiction. I interviewed political writers and academic experts, asking how close to reality fiction tends to be and the harmful effects of distorted portrayals.



In this inaugural episode of the Democratic Audio podcast, we rummage through some boxed sets and revisit some old television favourites to bring you an expert’s guide to political fiction. Four academics and writers: Steve FieldingRuth WodakChris Mullin,Anders Lustgarten, offer their critique of some of the mostwatchedshows from past and present like The Thick of It,Black MirrorHouse of Cards, andBorgen. How do these programmes shape our views of politics and politicians? And do they in anyway resemble the real world politik? The podcast provides an invaluable educational tool for voters trying to interpret what is real, imagined or exaggerated in political fiction today.

Listen to the podcast on Democratic Audit or Soundcloud.

Co-presented by Sean Kippin and produced by Cheryl Brumley. All credits available at links above.